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    The Company’s vision statements are “Based on a solid foundation as a leading Papua New Guinea’s shipping services provider” we will consistently deliver a high level of quality Pilot services which conforms to our principal’s requirements. The shipping industry plays a vital role in the economic development of a country in the transportation of import and export, of commodities to enable trade and commerce domestically and globally.

    The core element of our Pilot services remains the “local knowledge”, however we are our vision is that by extending the scope of our service from the “port” to the “voyage” or “trade” we will assist our Principals to maximize the performance and safety of their assets. By creating an inspiring and dynamic organization we will generate, capture and profit on opportunities”.

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Pilot Services Near me


    The Executive Management of Bismark Pilot Services upholds a visionary approach firmly focusing on proper corporate governance, prudent financial management, with full compliance to operational, and local and international maritime standards in health, safety, security and marine environment protection.


    Bismark Pilot Services is a dynamic team of well-educated, highly trained and motivated professional marine pilots dedicated to providing a first class pilotage service. All our pilots are qualified Master Mariners who have served in the most senior ranks at sea and ashore and hold a Pilot Licence issued by the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA).

    A probationary pilot completes a training program designed to deliver pilotage skills and competencies to the highest levels. In house training packages and simulator exercises complement observations and practical training. To obtain a Pilot Licence each trainee must meet rigorous standards and pass an exam set by NMSA.

    All pilots maintain their skills, competencies and knowledge of the maritime and related industries through a continual professional development program. The program includes the use of internationally recognised ship simulator and "manned model" facilities designed to enhance the pilot's ship handling and risk management skills.

    The collective experience, knowledge and educational qualifications of our pilots are diverse. In addition to our general shipping knowledge our Pilots have experience in the offshore oil and gas industries, harbour towage and salvage, port design, port operations, port administration, auditing and marine surveying to name a few. In addition to their professional qualifications, our pilots have tertiary qualifications in disciplines such as management, economics, business, and training.

    We actively support the development of our profession through our contribution to the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA Port Moresby).

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